Improve and convert your colors

From first to last color and every shade in between

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Essential design

Striving for simplicity.

Great minimal interface for a better experience.
Type a name, RGB/HEX value, or drag a color.
Set steps, done!

Format color and ICC profiles

Aquarelo convert your values in 36 standard color formats
and it supports 46 standard ICC profiles.

21 profiles ICC

25 profiles ICC

Color workflow

Experience with your design app.

Share colors from different softwares to Aquarelo and vice versa it's easy!
Click a color to copy in the clipboard the format selected. Improve your color design: send a color directly to Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC.


Send HEX value of the layer fill, border and text to Aquarelo.

Download plugin


From any app send HEX color to Aquarelo with our PopClip extension.

Download extension

Export colors

Export the entire color palette for your colleagues and clients.

Get and export details of every single color.

Touch... your colors!

On the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar revolutiones the keyboard experience by bringing dynamic controls to your fingertips.

Quick commands for details of each color.

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Why does Aquarelo get different output different values on different Softwares?

The output may be different because Aquarelo and often other software use different color profiles. Check and set same color profiles in your system preferences and in your apps.

We love the color names.

All names are the result of an our amazing collection. They are a fun and unofficial way to distinguish them. Can two very similar colors have the same name? Yes, it's possible.

Which MacOS version works Aquarelo?

Aquarelo works with El Capitain 10.11, Sierra 10.12 and High Sierra 10.13.

I’ve spotted a bug. How do I notify it?

Thanks for helping us! Please feel free to contact us and we’ll work on it as soon as we can.

Developed with ♥ in Italy