Improve, convert and scan your colors.

Great UI for a better experience.


Choose and type a color.



Color name / Pantone


Set from 3 to 15 steps and choose a color format.



Just click to copy in clipboard. Done!


Color formats.

Aquarelo convert your values in 36 standard color formats you will ever need!
From first to last color and every shade in between.

21 standard color profiles RGB

25 standard color profiles CMYK

Scan your photos.

Scan your photos to get the main colors for a better graphics design.


Import even your palettes.





Color workflow.

Improve the color experience with your design apps.

Share colors from different softwares to Aquarelo and vice versa it's easy!


Send a color directly to Photoshop CC foreground / background.

Send a color directly to Illustrator CC fill / stroke.


Send HEX values of the layer fill, border and text to Aquarelo.
Download plugin


Send HEX values to Aquarelo with a PopClip extension.
Download extension

Touch... your colors.

On the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar revolutiones
the keyboard experience by bringing dynamic controls to your fingertips.

Quick commands for details of each color.

Grab your copy


Where you can download Aquarelo.

Aquarelo is available only on the Mac App Store and Setapp.

Why does Aquarelo get different output different values on different Softwares?

The output may be different because Aquarelo and often others softwares using different color profiles. Check and set same color profiles in your system preferences (Monitor panel > Tab Colors) and in your apps.

We love color names.

All names are the result of an our amazing collection. They are a fun and unofficial way to distinguish them.
Can two very similar colors have the same name? Yes, it's possible.

Plugins for Aquarelo.

Download the Sketch plugin code from GitHub . You can modify and improve the code.

I have a great idea for integration!

Great! Please write an amazing email.

Which MacOS version works Aquarelo?

Aquarelo 1.1 works with Sierra 10.12 and High Sierra 10.13.

I've spotted a bug. How do I notify it?

Thanks for helping us! Please feel free to contact us or send a feedback using help menu in Aquarelo and we'll work on it as soon as we can.

For Developers.

General Overview

Integration with Aquarelo is easy. The colors are accepted in RGB, HEX (with or without # ) and color names.
Spaces are not allowed in strings and must be replaced with -. For example the name ROSSO CORSA becomes ROSSO-CORSA and RGB value 209 22 255 becomes 209-22-255.

Single color

To import a single color use a string like aquarelo://colors/yourColor
In addition is possibile import directly a single color:
● as first aquarelo://first/yourFirstColor
● as last aquarelo://last/yourLastColor

Multiple colors

To import multiple colors each must be separated with a ,
like aquarelo://colors/350060,ROSSO-CORSA,190-67-94,#90288A,FLAMINGO

Sample code in: Swift / Objective-c / HTML

// Swift
@IBAction func sendColorToAquarleo(_ sender: Any) {
    let colorUrl = NSURL(string: "aquarelo://first/#9a7faf")! // set first or generic "aquarelo://colors/#9a7faf"
    NSWorkspace.shared().open(colorUrl as URL)

// Objective.c
-(IBAction)sendColorToAquarleo:(id)sender {
	NSURL *colorUrl = [NSURL URLWithString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"aquarelo://colors/ROSSO CORSA,#350060,21 80 132,ff681f,sun,209 22 255"]];
	[[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openURL:colorUrl];

<a href="aquarelo://last/#ff681f">Open color in Aquarelo</a> // set last or generic "aquarelo://colors/#ff681f"

Developed with ♥ in Italy